Adding Recurring Events to Your Calendar

Your website uses a popular third-party event calendar add-on called The Events Calendar for WordPress. It is free and comes out of the box with a very long list of features and functionality out of the box. You can read about everything it already includes here: 

One feature it does not include is the ability to make an event on your calendar (for example, a weekly league meeting) recur every week. If you want to do this with the free version, you must manually create the event for every week you want it to appear on your calendar.

Automating Recurring Events

If you have many recurring events appearing on your calendar, it may be worth it to your business to upgrade your calendar software to Events Calendar Pro. The cost for the pro license is, at this time, only $89/year per site. This upgrade actually comes with many more features, some of which you may also find useful for your site and your business. 

(Note: This is a premium upgrade sold by Modern Tribe, the developers of the calendar software; Teesnap does not profit from it in any way.)

Here is how you can upgrade your calendar:  

1. Visit the Modern Tribe Events Calendar Pro website here: 

2. Click the BUY NOW button under the Personal $89/year column and complete the transaction. 

3. Download the ZIP file of the pro version of the plugin to your hard drive and copy the pro license to your computer's clipboard. You will also get an email with this license string. 

4. Log in to the backend of your website and navigate to Plugins > Add New. 

5. Click the Upload Plugin button at the top, and upload the ZIP file from your hard drive. 

6. Activate your plugin by clicking Activate. 

7. Click the link to enter your pro license and save. 

That's it! You will now see the additional features in all of your events, including a checkbox that designates an event as recurring. Checking this box will reveal a few more options for customizing the recurrence (e.g., recurring on days of the week or specific dates, expiring after X amount of repeats or after a certain date.) 

PLEASE NOTE: You must run the free version of Events Calendar AND the Pro version - do not delete the free version.

More Information:  

Here's a quick overview of how to upgrade your site's calendar to include Recurring Events: