How do I do a partial refund.

This article describes the process for performing a partial refund of a closed/paid transaction.

To issue a partial refund by returning a percentage of the purchase price of selected products, go to Purchases to locate the transaction in question.


Use the search filters in the Purchase History window to search transactions by date, customer name, customer email, or last 4 digits of the credit card number. 


Select the transaction in question to bring up the Transaction Details window, then select ISSUE REFUND


Enter a percentage to be refunded into the quantity fields for each product. After the proper percentages to be refunded have been entered, touch Select Refund Method.

IMPORTANT: If the refund is for green fees, toggle the RETURN TO INVENTORY/TEE SHEET off.



Select the desired refund method then go to Process Refund.


Enter an ID number with sufficient permissions to process refunds.


Confirm the customer email address is accurate then hit FINALIZE. If no receipt is desired, hit the X to the right of the email address to clear the email address field.. 


The Transaction Details window now shows that a percentage of the price paid has been refunded.