How do I find my "Other Payment Methods" in Sales and Cash Overview?

Teesnap wanted to make sure you could accept anything as a form of payment, whether it's Poker Chips or Shmeckles, your operation can take it. Using the Sales and Cash Overview you will be able to find this information for daily reconciliation: 

***NOTE: The "Pause" feature allows for changes to be made to filters without any interruption.  Once filters are specified, click "Resume" for changes to be applied.***

  • Under Payment Transactions, you will find the "Other" column.

  • After selecting the "Other" column, select the "Click Here for Detailed Transactions"

  • Once selected, Tableau will open the Transactions Details report, where you will find the "Payment Method" column and the types of tenders that were used. Now you are able to reconcile all non-standard tenders.

 If you have any additional questions, please contact Support at or call us at 844-458-1032.