How do I release a table and make it available?

This article describes the process for releasing a table and making it available for a new party or a new reservation.

There are two scenarios in which you may wish to release a table to make it available:

1. The party at that table has finished and all bills have been paid. The table is now ready for another party to be seated.

2. The table has been reserved but that reservation has been canceled and the table is once again available.


SCENARIO 1: In this scenario, the previous party at Table 7 has just left and all bills have been paid. You would now like to make Table 7 available for a new party to be seated. 

Go to the table map and  select the table you wish to make available, Table 7 in this example:


The Table Finished dialogue appears. Select Make Available.


Note now that the table color has turned to green, indicating that it is now available. 


SCENARIO 2: In this scenario, the table has been flagged as Reserved. However, you would like to remove the reserved status and make the table available.


Note here that Table 10 has been flagged as Reserved, which is indicated by the white color of the table and the RES just below the table number.


Touch on the table in question, table 10 in this example, and select MAKE AVAILABLE.


Note once again that the table has turned green which, again, indicates that the table is available for either a new reservation or for a party to be seated.


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