Manufacturer Reports (Inventory & Sales Summary)

Did you know, that you can sort by Manufacturer in Reports? First, if you haven't already, you must add manufacturers via the Admin Portal. To add manufacturers please go to "Inventory" in the Admin Portal, and select "Manufacturers." Click the green "Add" button in the upper right-hand corner, and simply add each manufacturer. Once you have all of your manufacturers added, you must assign them to each product as you add products to Inventory.

Adding A Manufacturer In The Admin Portal


Once we have our Manufacturer's added via the admin portal, we can use that information to help us sort reports by the manufacturer. Step one, we must click into our "Reports" page via the Admin Portal. Second, head to the "Inventory" tab in the Tableau Reporting Dashboard. Then sort the manufacturer via the drop-down box in the left-hand column. Please see the attached screenshot example. In this example I have selected "Titleist" as the manufacturer I wish to see in the "Current Inventory Report." The report gives you a detailed view of all Titleist products that you have in Inventory.  

Sorting By Manufacturer In The Current Inventory Report


Sorting by Manufacturer is also possible via our "Sales Summary" tab in the dashboard. First, click into the Sales Summary tab, and you will want to select "Manufacturer" from the Rollup Group Dropdown area. This will allow you to see a summary of sales by the manufacturer over whatever date range that you choose. Notice in this example we are looking at sales from 7/1 - 10/1. You can further breakdown by manufacturer by selecting "Product/Rack Rate" in the level 2 drop down to see what products were sold under the specific manufacturers. This report makes it quick and easy to see sales under a specific manufacturer. 

Sorting By Manufacturer In The Sales Summary Report