Processing a Sale on Your Online Store

The online store on your website allows your visitors to make a purchase online and will gather all the information so you can run the transaction through the iPad. 

Stripe, PayPal and Other Payment Processors:

If your online store has Stripe, PayPal or another third-party payment processor enabled, you will receive your funds through that processor. Then, you'll simply need to process the order via your iPad as outlined in the "Processing the Sale on Your IPad" section below. 

Offline Credit Card Processing:

If you have offline credit card processing, this is a way to securely gather the information you need to process a sale offline. However, your customer's credit card will not be charged until you process the sale through your iPad and the Teesnap point of sale system. 

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. The club will receive 2 emails when an online order is placed. The first email alerts you to the fact that someone has placed an order on your online store. The default status for this order in your store's backend is "On Hold."

  2. The other email with the subject “Additional Order Details” is very important, and will contain the middle 8 digits of the guest's credit card information. You must put these 8 digits together with the 8 digits found in the individual order screen on your store's backend to process the order on the iPad.

    (See also our help article: Not Receiving "Additional Order Details" email .)

  3. Now that you know you have an order, log in to the back end of your website:    (adding /login to your website will bring you to the website login area). Your username and password should have been provided to you in your website training, and may also be found in the login workbook, an Excel file that has all of your website login information. (Get h .)

  4. Next, navigate to WooCommerce > Orders on the left menu bar - this will bring up all of your orders.

  5. Click on the order number for the order that you need to process.

  6. In this screen, you will see the order details, customer information, as well as the first and last 4 digits of the customer credit card, along with the expiration date.
  7. You can now process the order on the iPad, as if the guest was standing in front of you.

Processing the Order on Your iPad

  1. Search for the customer on your iPad. If they're not already in the system, you can add their contact information, and be sure to include either their full address or at least their zip code, as it's good data for future campaigns.

  2. Proceed to checkout and select the product or gift card.

  3. Process the sale by manually entering in the guest CC information, again the first and last 4 digits and expiration as seen in the website, and the middle 8 digits in the e-mail marked “additional order details”

  4. When you complete the order, the guest will get an e-mailed receipt and will get the code for the virtual gift card, if they purchased one. This virtual gift code can also be found in the purchase history or customer transaction history.

  5. You can then change the order's status to "Complete" in the WooCommerece orders section, to get the blue checkmark so you and anyone else that has access know the order was complete.