Profile Pricing - How to Create and Adjust

Profile Pricing is a critical component to making the day-to-day operation of a golf facility seamless.  This is a quick reference article to refresh you on how to create and adjust Profile Pricing.  

  1. The first step is to navigate to and log in.  The first page you will land on is the Property Level Screen (pictured below).  At the top of the right column, you will notice the "Courses" section.  Click on the course you're wishing to edit.  
  2. The second step is to select the Profile you're wishing to edit.  This is done by finding that profile in the left-hand column and clicking on that Profile.  
  3. The third step is to select the Rack Rate the pricing should be different for.  Notice in the screenshot below that the WCC Corporate Member Profile has a 100% discount for all Rack Rates.  This means that regardless of the time of year, the day, or the time of day, any member with this Profile will receive a $0.00 Greens Fee.
  4. The fourth step, if you're choosing to adjust or create a new Profile Price for a specific Rack Rate, is to click on the Rack Rate you're wishing to change the Profile Price for.  In the screenshot below, I have chosen the Summer Weekday Dew Buster.  Notice that there are 3 price change options: %, $, and Override.  % is a percentage off the Rack Rate Price. 
    $ is a straight dollar discount off the Rack Rate Price. Override is simply a new price.  The great thing about this new price is it can be a markDOWN or a markUP. Override provides the ultimate flexibility.  Once you've set your Profile Pricing in place, click Save.