Reporting Views Feature

Teesnap believes there's a very invaluable view within our reports: "View: Original." 

This feature allows you to set reporting criteria specified by you and easily find that report the next time you log in. Whether it's finding F&B Minimums, Club Credit Activity, or Payout Detail, Reports allows you to save several different reports using a single workbook and share it with other Administrators (if applicable).  To achieve this goal: 

  1. Once a report is created with all necessary filters, you will find the "View: Original" button on the Reports Ribbon. 
  2. Click on "View: Original" to drop down the dialog box.

  3. Enter a name for the view and select Save.

***NOTE: You have the ability to create the current view as a default and/or public view by selecting "Make it my default" and/or "Make it public." You are also able to use Views made by other courses as they make them public.***