Reset Bluetooth settings on your receipt printer


  1. Unpair your iPad and receipt printer, and then turn your iPad off.

  2. With the printer turned off, find the reset button located on the back of the printer, and then use a pin to press and hold down the button.

  3. While holding down the reset button, turn on the printer. Continue holding the reset button for 10 seconds after turning on the printer, and then release the reset button.

  4. The lights on the front of the printer will begin to flash. Wait until the Power light is solid green and the Error light is off.

  5. Test the receipt printer:

    1. Turn off the receipt printer.
    2. Hold down the FEED button.
    3. While holding down the FEED button, turn on the printer.
    4. When the printer starts printing, release the FEED button.
    5. Make sure the second page contains the printer's Bluetooth information.
  6. Turn on your iPad and pair it with the receipt printer.