Selling & Redeeming Club Credit

Club Credit is a great way to offer your members a limited spending account, a way to facilitate payouts for club events or a number of different other reasons within your club’s operation. The easiest way to think of Club Credit is it acts like a Prepaid Credit Card – You can load funds onto it but aren’t allowed to exceed the available credits. Below are the instructions for selling and redeeming them.

Selling Club Credits to a Customer is done in the Customer Screen (Located on the Bottom Navigation Bar) with a customer pulled-up.


To sell Club Credit to a customer, simply select the Club Credit tab on the customer screen and click PURCHASE CREDIT in the lower left of the iPad.  A Purchase Club Credit box will appear, where you select CREDIT, CASH or CHECK.  (Remember:  For a CC transaction, simply SWIPE the card if present, otherwise press CREDIT to manually input.)  Once the tender type is selected, enter the amount to purchase, and click Submit (Blue in the upper right.)


Congrats!  You just added $50 to this customer’s Club Credit Balance – Let’s go shopping!

Redeeming Club Credit:

In the Checkout Screen, add items to shopping cart, and press the green CHECKOUT.  Search for and bring up the customer.  If the customer has Club Credit, the CLUB will become selectable with the other tender types.  Pressing CLUB brings Club as a tender type, showing the Balance, and a field to input the amount to be used.  Note: The system will default to using all available Club Credit.


Adjusting Club Credit Manually:

To add or remove credits without having a form of payment, ie, if your members received a merchandise credit, adjustments can be made manually by pressing the ADJUST BALANCE in the lower right on the Club Credit Screen.  The Adjust Club Credit box will populate, allowing you to add credit to a customer's account.  You must enter a reason for making the adjustment, and once done, press the blue Submit in the upper right-hand corner.



To remove credit manually, select the Remove A/R Credit option when the Adjust Credit Box populates, enter the amount and reason, and click the blue Submit in the upper right-hand corner.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Teesnap Support by emailing us at or calling 844-458-1032.