Stop or edit active workflows

Because each email is set up independently with its own trigger rules, you can edit or delete one or more emails in a series, without deleting the whole workflow. To access workflows, open Automation and click the workflow you want to make changes to. On the following page, select one of the edit controls shown under the email name:

When you click the Start workflow button it changes to a switch. Click it any time to stop emails from being triggered:

This also stops any emails that were already triggered. For example, say you have a new subscriber workflow made up of five emails. Someone joins your list and gets the first two emails. Then you switch the workflow to paused; this person will not get the remaining three emails.

You can also delete workflows but keep in mind that this will delete all the reporting data for them as well.

To delete a workflow, open Automation. On the following page hover your cursor over the workflow row, then click the trash can icon that appears on the right.