How to Process a Payment to an A/R Account

This article describes the process for tendering a transaction to an A/R account in Teesnap.

To process a charge to an A/R account there must first be products in the Shopping Cart to ring in. These could be retail or F&B products added directly through the Shopping Cart, they could be tee time green fees and cart fees added from the tee sheet, or it could be a tab being closed out via the Manage Bills function.

Regardless of which way the products were added, they will now be in the Shopping Cart and ready for payment. To continue with the A/R payment, touch CHECKOUT



This brings up the Checkout screen. If the customer in question has not already been automatically added to the check you will need to search the database for the customer and add them to the check. Do this by typing some search criteria (email address, first name, last name, or phone number) into the search field at the Customer Info box.



Select the appropriate customer from the search results. To continue with the A/R payment, select the A/R payment method.



Note that the A/R payment has been added to the check. You can now select Finalize to complete the A/R payment.



You can now select the desired method of receipt delivery. If no receipt is desired, select the encircled X at the top-right.