Adding Events to Your Website Calendar - Video Tutorial

Below you will find a video to walk you through adding events to your website calendar. Please either comment below or on the video for feedback or questions, or call us at (844) 458-1032 or email us at

To start the video from the beginning, click below.

  • To see where to view your calendar on the frontend, skip to 0:13
  • To see how to add a new event from the front and backends, skip to 0:30
  • To see how to set up your new event, skip to 1:26
  • To see how to add an image to the event body, skip to 2:00
  • To see how to set event time, date, and location, skip to 2:37
  • To see how to set additional event details, skip to 3:55
  • To see how to publish your event, skip to 4:50
  • To see your new event on the frontend, skip to 5:35
  • To see how to un-publish a calendar event, skip to 6:24
  • To see how to edit an existing event, skip to 7:12

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