Checking Your cPanel Email

If your club needs a domain email address for occasional use, you can usually do so through your web host's email control panel, or Teesnap may have set it up for you during the process of launching your site.  You will be provided login credentials for your preferred email client.


Please note: Teesnap does not recommend cPanel email inboxes for heavy or professional use, as they run through your web host and have no guarantee of reliability. Instead, we recommend that you sign up for a professional email solution such as Office365 or Google's G Suite.


Once your domain email addresses are set up and you have your credentials (including outgoing and incoming mail servers), there are four easy ways you can view and send email from these addresses:


On The Web

View your email on any web browser by going and entering your full email address and email password.


On Your Phone or Tablet

Use the default "Mail" program on any smartphone or tablet to check your email. Simply use the "Add Account" flow and enter the credentials for your email address. 


On Your Computer

Microsoft Outlook can be used to send and receive domain name emails as well. If you don't have Microsoft Outlook, you can download the free software, Mozilla Thunderbird, from the makers of the Firefox browser here:'s similar to Outlook. Simply add a new account and enter your credentials.


Within Your Existing Email Provider

If you normally use Gmail, Yahoo, or (Formerly Hotmail) for your personal email, you can send and receive email from up to 5 additional email accounts right within the account, including your domain email addresses. When you reply to an email sent to your domain email address from within Gmail, Yahoo, or, the other person will still see your domain email in the "from" field. 


Here are the instructions for setting that up:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Teesnap Support by emailing us at or calling 844-458-1032.