How to Upload and Link to a PDF on your Website | Teesnap Tutorial

Adding documents to your website is easy. Once uploaded, PDFs can be linked anywhere on your website via button elements.

  1. Navigate to "Media" then drag your PDF to upload
  2. Once uploaded, click the document and copy the PDF link
  3. Visit the page you would like to add the link to and select "Edit Page" on the top bar menu
  4. Drag a button element to the desired section.
  5. Enter a button title and paste the PDF link. 
  6. Update page

Disclaimer: Teesnap acknowledges the importance of creating accessible PDF documents in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other relevant accessibility standards. As the creator of PDF content, you are responsible for ensuring that your documents comply with these accessibility requirements.

Please be aware that failure to create ADA-compliant PDFs may hinder access for individuals with disabilities. It is crucial to follow best practices for accessibility during the creation and design of PDFs, including proper formatting, text descriptions for images, and other features that facilitate navigation for users with disabilities.