How to apply a discount to an individual product in the Shopping Cart

This article will show you how to discount individual items in the Shopping Cart.

1. To discount an individual item in the shopping cart, click on the item you would like to discount and it will open a new screen. 


2. In this screen you have many options, you can add to the quantity if needed. But you have two options for a discount. A dollar amount or a percentage discount. You can also select a promotion from the dropdown menu. Let's say we wanted to give a 20% discount on this item. Enter 20 in the text box and select the % icon. Then click Apply


4. After clicking Apply, it will return us to the checkout screen. We can see Callaway glove is the only item discounted in the cart. If the total looks right. You can finalize the transaction. Repeat these steps if you would like to apply any other discounts. 



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