How-To Make a Segment of Tee Times 9 OR 18 Holes Only

Do you need to have times of the day that your course is ONLY 9 or ONLY 18 holes?  Please follow the 3 easy steps below to achieve this goal!

  1. In this screenshot, please observe the Rack Rates.  Fri - Sun shows $19/$32.  However, before 1 PM, I don't allow 9-Hole Tee times. Please observe the Fri - Sun Before 1 Rack Rate.  The "-" indicates there is no 9-Hole pricing.  This Rack Rate will yield 18-Hole only bookings where it is applied in the Tee Sheet construction.

  2. Clicking on the pencil next to the Fri - Sun Before 1 Rack Rate takes me to the Edit Rack Rate screen.  Please observe how this is constructed.  There is no 9-Hole pricing but there is 18-Hole pricing.  This screenshot is here purely to give a visual reference to how step 1 is achieved.

  3. Finally, I need to add the Fri - Sun Before 1 to the Tee Sheet to accommodate the time block(s) where I need my pricing to be $32 and 18-Hole Only.  Please observe the 6 AM - 1 PM time block.  Notice the -/$32.00 rate applied to that time block.  This time block is now 18-Hole Only.