How to process a refund for a prepaid tee time

To refund a prepaid reservation, navigate to the reservation on the tee sheet. Open the Reservation Details by clicking on the tee time. 

Next, perform a left-to-right swipe on the player who you wish to refund and select Profile.


In the player profile, go to the Transactions tab. Find the transaction and select it.



In the Transaction Details window, go to Issue Refund



Select the round(s) to be refunded or use the Add All Items button at the bottom-left. If a guest paid for multiple players they will all be available here to be selected and refunded. After all rounds have been selected, go to "Select Refund Method" at the top-right.


Select Credit as the refund method and enter the cardholder's name, card number, and expiration date. You will have to get the card info from the guest as the card info is not attached to the reservation.

Enter an iPad user ID with sufficient permissions to process refunds

Select Finalize to complete the refund


If you re-enter the transaction, you can confirm it has been refunded.