How to Refund a Transaction

Refunds allow you to refund either the full transaction, individual items from a transaction, or even partial items from a transaction. You may ask why you may want to refund a partial item: some examples include forgetting to apply a member's discount to a transaction and being able to only refund a portion of the product(s) for the discount.

In order to start a refund, go to the Purchases tab or the Transactions tab under the customer's profile.

In this example, we are going to refund Seth Burns' transaction for $32.80. Select the transaction by tapping on that order. Once you tap on the order, it will take you to the purchase receipt.

If this item is something that is inventoried and would need to be returned to inventory or you are refunding a round of golf and would like to remove the golfer from the tee sheet, select the toggle next to Return to Inventory/Tee Sheet to turn green.

The next steps will be broken down by the method you would like to utilize.

The Full Transaction

We have made the ability to select all the items quickly and easily. To do this click the Add All Items button. This will add all the items from the transaction to be returned.


Then proceed to Complete the refund section of this article

Individual Items from the Transaction

If you are only required to return one or two items from a transaction, select the + or - button next to the item that you wish to return.


Partial items from the Transaction

If you are looking to just return part of an item in a transaction, click in the field next to the item with the "0" in it. Delete the 0 from the field and enter the decimal amount that you would like to return. Let's say we want to return 20% of the item's total, we would enter .2 into the field. In the following example, I have entered a couple of different items to return with various amounts.


Completing the Refund

Once you have selected your items to refund, select the link "Select Refund Method" in the top right of the window.

Select the payment method that you would like to refund the amount to. Once selected, select process refund in the top right corner of the window. Follow the prompts as necessary.

Once you have completed the refund, you will be returned to the transaction details and will see any refunds you issued in beige under the item. If you close that window, you will see a "dog ear" indicator on the transaction in the list of purchases.