How to Sell a Gift Card

1.  From the Checkout Screen Select Gift Card from the list of Display Categories.  Then enter the Gift Card amount and select the "+" sign. 


2.  When finished entering all Gift Cards or products into the shopping cart Select Checkout.


3. When selling a Gift Card it is required to have a customer record attached to the sale since it will email the gift card code to them.  From the Checkout window, you have 3 options to find or add a customer.  You can search your Existing Customer Database, you can Create a New Customer, or you can Configure a Guest in which you enter their name and email address.  


4. Now take payment for the Gift Card and select Finalize.  Now you can Email them a copy of the receipt which has the 6-digit Gift Card code.  It is also listed here for you to be able to write it on a paper gift certificate if needed.