How to Transfer A/R Balances on the iPad

This article will show you how to transfer an A/R Balance from one customer to another.

Transferring A/R Balances can be tricky. It is important to understand the steps in the balance transfer to successfully keep track of where the money is going. 

1. You will want to start at the customer profile where you would like the balance to end up. For example, below we can see customer Greg Blackwell. He is going to assume the $50 balance from Ryan Livermore. To transfer the balance select TRANSFER BALANCE at the bottom of the screen. 


2. The transfer A/R balance window will appear where you will input the dollar amount to transfer and the customer name. In our case, we used $50 and Ryan Livermore. Be sure to click SUBMIT before proceeding. 


3. Returning to Greg Blackwell's customer page you can see the A/R balance is now $150. The A/R balance transfer has now been completed. 


4. If you return to Ryan Livermore's account receivable tab you can see that his A/R balance is now $0. Repeat the above steps to transfer A/R balances. 


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