How to Update the Teesnap App to the Latest Version

In this article, we will review how to update the Teesnap Application as well as how to delete and reinstall the application.

How to Update or Reinstall the Teesnap Application:

1. From the iPad's home screen select the Self Service App.

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2.  In the Self Service App select Teesnap.  

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3.  Select Reinstall under the Teesnap application you use at your facility. 

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4. Once the reinstall is complete, check the App version number to ensure the update was completed. How-to article HERE.

5. If the app did not update, you'll need to delete & reinstall the application to force the update.

IMPORTANT: Once you delete the app, it will not be usable until you receive a Teesnap property secret from Teesnap Support. Follow the steps below to delete/reinstall the app and receive a new property secret from Teesnap Support. 

How to Delete and Reinstall the Teesnap Application 

1. From the iPad's home screen select the Setting App.

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2.  Under the General tab select iPad Storage.

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3.  Select the Teesnap Application you use at your facility. File (3)-1

4. Select Delete App.

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5. Once the application has been deleted, go back to the iPad home screen and select the Self-Service App. 

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6. In the Self-Service App, select Teesnap.  

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7. Select Reinstall under the Teesnap Application you use at your facility. 

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8. Once the Teesnap Application has been reinstalled you will be prompted to enter a Property Secret on your initial login.  Contact Teesnap Support at or call 844-458-1032 to be provided your Property Secret. 

How to Force Close an Application:

1.  In certain circumstances it is best to Force Close (completely close out) of the Application.  To do so double-click the iPad Home Button.  Then swipe up on the Teesnap App to Force Close the application. 

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Teesnap Support by emailing us at or calling 844-458-1032