Not Receiving the "Additional Order Details" Notification

If your store has Offline Credit Card processing, the "Additional Order Details" notification on your online store sends you the middle 8 digits of your customer's credit card number and the CVV code so that you can process the sale on your iPad. (Need more help processing a sale? See our step-by-step instructions.)

These emails cannot be re-sent, so it is very important that you're set up to correctly receive them. 

Here are the basic troubleshooting steps we suggest:

  1. First, the New Order Notification and the Additional Order Details are actually 2 separate notifications in your store and may be sent to two different email addresses. So first, you must ensure that you are checking the correct email inbox.

  2. You can see what email address(es) this notification is being sent to by navigating to WooCommerce > Settings on your site's admin backend, clicking the Payments tab at the top, and then clicking the Manage button next to "Offline Credit Card Processing" in the list of payment processors. (Note: if there's a Teesnap email in there as well, please email us - we may have a copy of the notification that we can forward.)

  3. If the email address receiving this notification is different from the one that you were checking, please log in to that email address to look for the additional order details email, and also change the email address in this screen to the one you want to receive these notifications in the future.

  4. If the email address receiving this notification is the same one you were checking, please check that the notification isn't in your spam or junk folder. If it is, consider whitelisting the email address or subject line to ensure that it always makes it to your inbox. 

If none of this works, as we mentioned, we cannot re-send this email for security purposes. You must contact your customer to obtain the missing credit card information verbally, and then contact your web host, IT department or email provider to determine why this notification isn't making it to your inbox.