Troubleshooting a Credit Card Reader

Please follow the below how-to guide if you are experiencing credit card reader difficulties.

Credit Card Reader is not charging the iPad

Step 1. Use the PDF attached below to troubleshoot

Step 2. Test a different Mini-USB cable

Credit Card Reader Troubleshooting.PDF

Credit Card Reader is not recognizing cards being swiped

- Click the circular button on the credit card reader. If the blue light is not flashing, the reader isn't on and won't recognize a swipe. Try connecting the reader to a charger to trigger the flashing LED, if unsuccessful, request a replacement charging cable. 

Credit Card Reader is not recognized by the iPad

- Open the IPC Support App and click the circular button on the Credit Card Reader. If the message reads "searching for device" the connection between the reader and iPad is broken. 


If you still experience issues, contact Support by emailing us or calling 844-458-1032.