Upload a PDF or Document to Your Site

You can upload a PDF, MS Word Document or any other media file to your WordPress website via one of two ways: the Add Media button or the Media Library, exactly as you'd upload an image to your site.

Using the Add Media Button

1. Once you're in a new page, post or calendar event page, click the Add Media button found in the upper left corner of the editing form. 

(Note: If you're using the Advanced Layout Editor, you'll want to first insert a Text Block Element, and then click to open that.)

2. Follow the on-screen instructions to upload the document to your WordPress website, and then click the INSERT button on the upload screen to insert it into your page content. It will get automatically inserted as a text hyperlink in your content.

3. To add it as the URL for a button or another element, click the hyperlink in the text editor and then click the little edit button on the right.

You'll be able to copy the direct link to the file from the editing field, to use however you want throughout the site.