Using Plastic Gift Cards

Over the last few years, the gift card landscape has changed with more and more customers preferring e-gift cards or "electronic gift cards" than regular gift cards. This is because of the ability to send any gift card with the click of a mouse making it more convenient. 

Teesnap sees that vision and that's why e-gift cards are an integral part of our system. However, many out there can make a valid argument for traditional gift cards. Although we promote paperless gift card technology, we still want to provide options for the customer who wants a tangible card. 

With a standard label maker, you are still able to find a use for all Legacy Gift Cards that were once thought obsolete to provide a tangible gift to its recipient.  

To achieve this: 

  1. Click HERE on how to sell and redeem a gift card.
  2. Once the gift card is sold, the Gift Card number will populate.
  3. Enter the Gift Card Number into the label printer and print.
  4. Attach the label across the magnetic strip on the back of the Gift Card.