How to Check a Golfer In

This article will explain how to check a golfer in from the tee sheet - the traditional method.

1. On the tee sheet, tap on the tee time that needs to be checked in.


2. In the reservation details screen tap on the golfer(s) that you are checking in. In this case, we tapped only the top golfer (highlighted in blue). Then click ADD TO CART in the bottom right corner of the screen.


3. In the shopping cart you will notice the golfer you selected appears. Assuming the golfer isn't purchasing any additional products, tap CHECKOUT in the bottom right corner of the screen.


4. In the checkout screen you will select your tender type (we tapped CASH for this example). Next, you will input the amount of cash the customer handed you ($40), then tap the green SUBMIT button to finalize this transaction.


5. The blue transaction complete screen will appear where you will decide your receipt method, we tapped the green SEND button to send a digital receipt to the golfer.


6. Upon returning to the tee sheet you will see that this golfer has a "Checked In & Paid" status. Repeat these steps to check a golfer in!


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